Annual Report

YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh Report to the Community 2010


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Dear Y Family,

As we look back on the past year, I am sure that all would agree that this was a period of tremendous growth and change. Amidst the challenge of organizational changes as we proceed with the identification of a new CEO, the tireless efforts of volunteers and staff have been focused on serving our communities. One of the most significant needs that we addressed came to us through Y-USA. At their suggestion, we expanded our Y Family with the addition of the McKeesport Y and Camp Soles, a merger that allows us to reach deeply into a community that relies on our services. This is a collaboration that truly enhances our commitment to the Y Mission.

Our programs continue to strengthen our pledge to Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility in ways that connect us to more families and in more neighborhoods than ever before. Well chosen corporate partnerships have opened new avenues for the delivery of programs and help to further our message to new audiences. We see this as vital development on many levels. Exciting programs like ‘Send Kids to Camp,’ ‘Pool Together for Swim Safety’ and the ‘Hazelwood Urban Garden’ have proven to be invaluable to kids and families throughout our city and highlight the effectiveness and success of community partners.

We have always believed that our work makes a difference in the lives of those we serve, and we are now able to focus more intensely on the actual outcomes. Our new approach allows us to develop systems and tools to secure measurements that qualify our impact. This is critical information that will help us gain support for new initiatives and to remain a strong provider of services that reflect our promise of accountability and excellence.

Perhaps our most important accomplishment during the past year was the outstanding work that was completed by our dedicated volunteers. In unprecedented numbers, our volunteers, with a hands-on approach, took on some large projects at our branches. Many of our branches will benefit for quite some time from their labors. One branch was fortunate to receive books for the children in their programs, another received renovations that will help their hockey program, and several branches got a much-needed fresh coat of paint or landscaping. There is a seemingly endless list of activities that engaged our volunteers and gave them a close-up view of what really happens at our branches. This is the kind of dedication that keeps our organization vibrant and growing.

We hope that as you review our annual report and read the success stories and testimonials, you will share in our enthusiasm for the many and meaningful ways that our Y has served the Pittsburgh community. Organizationally, this past year was one filled with many changes, but our future continues to hold tremendous promise as we complete the process for the CEO transition. Exciting times are ahead and we hope that you will continue to grow with us.

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